Panorama X2 Dash Cam Box

The landscape X2 dashboard camera is manufactured by way of the chinese language corporation Shenzhen Onstar era Co. Ltd. this is a built-inintegrated channel camera that has one of the most effective specs we’ve seen built-in a built-in camera. unlike most built-in built-intintegrated cams which have 1 CPU for both cameras, the X2 has a separate teach 12 processor for each the front and rear cameras. any other built-inintegrated characteristic is that the X2 uses the Sony Exmor IMX322LQJ CMOS Sensor for each the the front and rear cameras. This built-in permitsintegrated for 1080p recordintegratedg at 30fps for each cameras, one of the few dual cameras with this capability.

The X2 has many capabilities as well:

built-in microSD reminiscence slots, 1 for each digicam, Can use 128Gb + 128Gb MicroSD cards ( Fat32 ) for a total 256Gb memory
7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 Battery Discharge Prevention for Parkintegratedg Mode ( person selectable Low Voltage reduce-off )
Parkintegratedg mode recordsintegrated 4-five seconds earlier than movement is detected and for thirteen-15 seconds after movement is “long past”.
every camera builtintegrated movement detection photos one at a time. built-inintegrated, if there’s a movement detection integrated front of the auto, it simplest saves video document from the front digital camera.

both cameras currently have a piece charge of 15Mbps bit-charge (can be user adjustable built-in destbuiltintegrated firmware). This digicam has top notch video fbuiltintegrated built-inat some pobuiltintegrated the day and correct video excellent at night for both cameras. one of the better built-in cameras for video satisfactoryintegrated available now.

The panorama X2 has a three.five″ touch display, G-sensor and an external GPS is available. There are however a few built-in to be aware about with this digicam:

the most important drawback is the huge length of the front camera at 96mm x 66mm x 33mm. The rear camera is a good deal greater discreet.
The panorama X2 became designed to be used for parkbuilt-ing mode and no cigarette lighter supplied. A three-cord hardwire ( battery, acc, ground) is supplied and that is generally related to the fuse built-in.
proprietors have integrateddicated that the X2 runs hot. luckily this has now not built-induced any issues as of but

We would really like to thank our member niko, who provided the built-in records for this overview. you could built-in the built-in thread integrated our forum.

length comparison

here’s a size evaluation of the landscape X2 with the panorama S
similar fashions

A chinese language version of this model sells because the Safego F2. whilst they’re pretty comparable, the Safego model may be usbuiltintegrated decrease exceptional hardware additives and is centered to the chinese market. but rate is substantially much less. For built-ingsintegrated on a fbuiltintegrated, this is probably a reasonable choice. more built-in can be discovered here.
regarded issues

gray built-inerintegrated Freezintegratedg

a few proprietors have integrateddicated that the digital camera freezes and a grey field seems. This commonly occured with 64GB or larger microSD built-ing cardsintegrated. Firmware 1.01.09 and newer have native exFAT formattintegratedg aid for microSDXC which should remedy this hassle.

Blurry image

some of the early cameras have had an unfocused / blurry photo for either the front or rear digital camera. some owners have manually refocused the cameras, however this could void the assurance. built-ing video built-indicates a way to refocus the rear digital camera.

excessive Pitched Buzz

a few proprietors have integrateddicated that there’s an occasional high pitched built-ingintegrated noise when recordintegratedg. this does not appear usually and not all owners have integrateddicated this problem. it can be a end result of the rear camera or cables bebuilt-ing too close to automobile antenna or different gadgets emittbuilt-ing built-interference.

Discreet Updates

The panorama X2 isn’t always the maximum discreet digicam due to its length and “blintegratedg” on the front of the digital camera. Our member niko supplied a few examples built-ing this camera extra discreet.


should I purchase?

The panorama X2 has first-rate specs for a dual digicam with 1080p recordintegratedg for both the front and rear. The digicam has terrific video nice built-inat some pobuiltintegrated the day and precise video quality at night. It additionally has all of the functions of a excessive end sprbuiltintegrated cam (built-ing WiFi). The producer offers respectable support through firmware updates to cope with problems. The $300 price tag is likewise affordable for a excessive quit built-in camera.

purchase and get reviews of the best dash cam box from here:

With that beintegratedg said, the front camera is large and now not the most discreet. also, the firmware built-inintegrated not fully mature but has stepped forward because the camera built-into launched (balance is still an problem as of April 2015). we’re hopintegratedg built-int of builtintegrated problem has been corrected (have not showed but) as properly.

general, this is virtually one of the higher built-in cameras available built-in nowadays and have to be a consideration while built-ingintegrated at excessive quit cameras.
whereintegrated to purchase for lowest fee In Europe, sells the digital camera


integrated! MAKING modifications for your FIRMWARE ARE fbuiltintegrated AT YOUR personal hazard. WE are not accountable for ANY damage for your dash CAM as a result of these built-in.
Firmware update built-incommands

down load the firmwareCopy “DHD_FullBurn.ELF” to the foundation of every microSD card. (built-inmeanbuiltintegrated not built-interiorintegrated any folders)
Insert the microSD cards integratedto your landscape X2
Navigate to settbuilt-ings, about, and press replace
Watch the development bar top off, while it’s accomplished built-in shutdown / reboot.
you’ll want to trade the language again to English built-in visual icons on my own due to the fact that it will be built-in Korean

under is step-built-in-step video on the way to replace a firmware on panorama X2 created by niko. be aware: This video built-intointegrated created before the brand newintegrated exFAT help. You’ll note this video asks you to layout the playbuiltintegrated built-inintegrated laptop first. After 1.01.09 or above, there may be no want to format built-in built-in computer any greater. just comply with the video example so that you recognize what to look for built-in the stairs above.

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